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Who and What we are…

Create • Heal • Grow

As Pablo Picasso famously said, “Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.” While some subscribe to this thought whole heartedly and turn to different forms of creative self-expression, supporting an inner balance allowing one’s emotions to be put back in line. 


Across the world, people rely on a number of creative mediums to obtain peace, heal, and re-examine life after coming off of the pandemic this method has been on the rise. The link between inner peace and the arts dates back many years, and today, pursuing your creative passions is considered a form of therapy. Painting, sculpture, music, dance, poetry - these are all avenues through which people express themselves and their thoughts. Creativity through the arts, no matter how it is interpreted, it's been proven that art heals inner turmoil, social differences, communication gaps, and even worldly conflict.

In the smaller scheme of things, a creative hour can find a way into our soul to help us heal and find peace in our daily lives. 


Creative art promotes sequential reasoning and organization of thought for those faced with overwhelming feelings but lacking the coping mechanisms to properly process them. This can be incredibly burdensome for children. Research shows this works from observations of children after the events of 9/11. Art was often the only way children could make sense of the insensible. Art can serve as a way to map pictorially that which cannot be examined verbally. Order can be visually established in the midst of psychological chaos. More recently, children are trying to understand the division in their classes and families with the pandemic. Stress, fears and anxieties are triggered amidst that uncertainty. Notably, more discussions in sessions echo themes of “us” versus “them”. The identity of the enemy “them” is interchangeable to whoever threatens their sense of safety. It is important for adults to empathetically respond to the child’s anxieties as evident in their narratives and images. We will do this by creating a safe and contained space (both visually and dynamically) and will usher more authentic expression. A simple bordered paper gives the paper some visual containment. For older children, book altering/drawings often help to highlight differences and similarities in opposing perspectives.

I am extremely passionate about my next mission and cause. I have been helping children for over 20 plus years creating safe nurturing environments to allow children to express themselves, discuss their feelings through the arts.

A quote by Jane Goodall that has been a chore foundation and written on every wall of every building I have run programs in is simple and true to my mission. “ Every Individual Matters, Every Individual Has a Role to Play, Every Individual Makes a Difference”. Join me in “making that difference”. Love is Love and allow me to bring the “Love of Art '' into our community to help our children.

Kids Art


ADJECTIVE - relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.


Come explore the world of art and how art can allow you to find balance in your life through self-expressionism.

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